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Mobile Apps 

Enhance Your Communications Suite

Smart phones and tablets have become synonymous with doing business, keeping in touch with family, managing teams in the field, and have transformed into a powerful tool that acts as an extension of ourselves. The GSatMicro is capable of taking smart devices one step further by connecting them to a satellite network to be used worldwide. By interfacing the GSatMicro with mobile apps via Bluetooth, new tools can be utilized to manage data and assets all over the globe.

Operating System Download Link
iOS GSatMicro on App Store
Android In development
Windows Not Available

GSatMicro App Features

Send & Receive Text Messages via Satellite

Stay in contact with friends, business colleagues, and family members anywhere in the world. By connecting your smartphone or tablet to the GSatMicro, you are able to send & receive text messages over satellite!

Configure Your GSatMicro

Quickly edit the settings of your GSatMicro without having to plug it in. You are able to change parameters with the touch of a button to achieve the desired device behavior.

Manage Multiple Devices

Pairing options allow you to connect to different GSatMicros and manage them quickly and easily!

Monitor Device Behavior

Get a look under the hood of your GSatMicro to see exactly what it is doing. All device behavior is displayed, allowing you to monitor and analyze the data.

Read Sensor Data

Not only can you monitor your GSatMicro, but you can also monitor the devices plugged into its I/O ports. Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to monitor all types of data!

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) incorporates the latest Bluetooth low energy technology. With BLE enabled, the GSatMicro can be paired with mobile apps and provide instantaneous wake state when the app is opened for immediate communications and text messaging. Even with BLE constantly transmitting its beacon ID and waiting for commands, the GSatMicro battery will last more than *12 months in sleep.

Since the BLE module advertises a SPP (Serial Port Profile) which connects you directly to the eLua core, you can develop your own applications and features to augment the GSatMicro as an extension to your mobile apps. If you would like to enable your apps to transmit/receive commands via Iridium, simply integrate our BLE libraries with your application.

*Transmission/sleep intervals between GPS transmissions will deplete the battery faster, this calculation is evaluated considering the GSatMicro does not wake to transmit GPS.

Create Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have enhanced our day to day communications around the world. Why limit yourself to using them over the cellular networks when you can create your own to pair with the GSatMicro and utilize Iridium SBD to transmit data. Because the GSatMicro Series is able to be embedded into multiple industries and projects, the versatility of its implementation allows users to design custom mobile apps for their projects.

  • Satellite enable your smartphones and tablets
  • Create custom apps to enhance your GSatMicro powered project
  • Receive, analyze and manage data the way you need to
  • Use your mobile app anywhere in the world using Iridium's satellite network