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GSatMicro Toolkit 

What is the GSatMicro Toolkit

The GSatMicro Toolkit is essentially a set of drivers with a UI that allows users the ability to troubleshoot and manage their GSatMicro from a simple interface that provides access to the terminal’s shell operations panel. While the terminal already handles a number of operations via command line, the toolkit provides a means of performing those commands through an interface instead of having to remember them and manually operating the device with hardcoded commands. This increases the ease of use, allowing for a more standard experience that reduces the need for technical expertise. It allows for the configuration of parameters, saving and loading of previously saved configurations, general debugging, and other maintenance operations.

Additionally, the UI provides a display of the reporting metrics that all users will be able to view in a more generally relatable capacity. Any and all messages sent to and from the terminal will display in the UI, allowing a tech or manager to view all commands and alerts in one central location. One can also simulate the display to show the satellites overhead vs. those the GSatMicro can see. In all, the toolkit provides an easy to use interface that is essential for any asset manager working with any custom GSatMicro solution.


  • Allows customers easier access to the terminal’s shell interface
  • Configure parameters
  • View events and other reporting metrics in the GSatMicro
  • General debugging
  • Toggle transceiver on/off
  • Firmware configurations
  • Use GUI to change settings and parameters instead of remembering the commands
  • Save and load previously saved configurations
  • Visual display of satellite network, both live and simulated
  • Save log files
  • Commands saved in the log

Download Software

OS Download Link Requirements Date Size
Windows Exe icon GSatMicro Toolkit
  • GSatMicro Firmware v1.0.3
  • Microsoft Windows
10/17/2017 4.1 MB