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The Behavior of Things 

What can eLua do for you

eLua brings the tools and capabilities of a scripting language to your applications anywhere on the planet! The transmission behaviors and formats are all driven by scripts that are easily modified to fit your application. As scripting languages have already taken over the Internet, we are bringing scripting to global IoT.

The Embedded Lua (eLua) supports procedural, object-oriented, data-driven, and functional programming and data description. With eLua, there exists a simple procedural language coupled with powerful data characterisation constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics. This translates to:

  • Flexible Devices: eLua allows development of high-level scripts to support custom logic, and simple, field-programmable, reconfigurable terminal designs.
  • Development of “Targets:” fully functional Lua, with a dedicated command shell on the microcontroller.
  • Abbreviated development timelines: dramatically reduced dev requirements greatly increase speed to market, and help hit certain market verticals.
  • Longevity: Add user configuration and scripting capabilities to your projects that allow for rolling updates and dynamic settings.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Lua Virtual Machine is faster and more lightweight than many other high-level languages, since many libraries are not included in order to keep drive requirements and memory footprint as low as possible.

How does eLua define the GSatMicro

The eLua scripts define how the GSatMicro wakes up, acquires data, processes it, and sleeps. They directly call modules that communicate with, for example, the GPS chipset, to acquire a location. This data is then returned to the eLua script to determine the next step, which for example, could be to transmit immediately, store the location in flash for later, discard, etc. This is how we deliver a very flexible platform, along with a simple to use scripting language.

The GSatMicro Series enables remote management of both fixed and mobile assets anywhere around the world. Fully programmable in eLua, the GSatMicro series utilizes the global, two-way, Iridium SBD satellite service to provide access to people and equipment from pole-to-pole. The GSatMicro Series includes device-level applications, as well as diverse tools combined with engineering support designed to quicken time to market and reduce implementation costs.

How does eLua set the GSatMicro apart from the competition

Competitors products functionality is entirely limited by firmware and configurations that are developed by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer hasn’t already built your use case into the firmware, there is no way for you to directly integrate the solution. With the GSatMicro you can define your own functionality, protocols, and capabilities without long development cycles and manufacturer involvement.

Most satcom-based M2M devices are not versatile and therefore may not be easily used “as-is”...where as the GSatMicro Series allows customers to own the usership of the device and software.

As the world’s smallest self-contained Iridium tracking device, the GSatMicro is in a league of its own for globally-functioning devices. Most satcom-based M2M devices are not versatile and therefore may not be easily used “as-is” in different markets without deep manufacturing-level customization. The GSatMicro Series allows customers to own the usership of the device and software, while also making possible the tracking, analysis, and control of nearly any behavior including comprehensive data processing and decision-making algorithms.

Additionally, the device supports multiple I/O connections, further expanding the functionality of the GSatMicro far beyond its role as a tracker, and allowing an even more customizable recording and reporting engine. You have the ability and peace of mind to manage your assets remotely, fully leveraging the understanding of both where your asset is as well as what it is doing. The onboard intelligence provided by the GSatMicro and its over-the-air configurability make it the ultimate tool for remote asset management, behavior analysis, and live control from pole to pole.