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Analyse. Develop. Evolve.

The GSatMicro Series brings advanced, intelligent behavior and data monitoring features to the palm of your hand.

The GSatMicro is more than just a satellite tracker; it is an intelligent device that you are able to program and control so its behavior can be customized to fit the needs of your project. GSE periodically releases tools to help you maximize its power and provide solutions for your clients.

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Battery Life Gauge

This simple tool allows you to quickly estimate the battery life of the GSatMicro and the GSatMicro X by choosing a reporting interval that suits your project.

LED Guide

This guide shows you how to quickly identify the behavior of the GSatMicro just by quickly glancing at the LEDs.

Parameter Definitions

A detailed list of each on-board parameter that can be configured over-the-air, via USB, or with GSatTrack.

Satellite Locations

This tool allows you to monitor the Iridium satellite network and determine which satellite is closest to your location.