Tracking Solution 

A Powerful Addition To Any Tracking Platform

In conjunction with GSatTrack or any other tracking platform (as the product is completely agnostic), companies, organizations, departments, and individuals can create an entire tracking solution to fit their immediate and specific set of needs using the GSatMicro Series. These tracking solutions can range from knowing everything about your asset(s) including where it is, what it is doing, how it is behaving, and what the environment is like wherever it is situated, to having complete control over the asset from a remote location. Device capacity is limited only to your organization’s hardware budget, and the solutions can track as little as one bicycle to a fleet of 20,000 cargo ships and all of the containers aboard each of them.

A Comprehensive Solution - Powered By GSatTrack

The benefits of using the GSatMicro as a tracking device are numerous, most notably, the device’s ability to interface with either the GSatTrack platform or any other 3rd party tracking portal. These two options provide all of the flexibility required to scale one’s operation and integrate seamlessly with existing technology, and also offers a closed-vertical system in the event that there is a need for the highest levels of hardware-software integration. Over the air control functionality for the GSatMicro is guaranteed with the GSatTrack platform, as is the ability to create and define geofencing behaviors, send and receive text messages, or run asset reports, trip reports, and I/O reports.

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Scalability & Deployment

The scalability of the tracking solution (as permitted by the aforementioned ability to use 3rd party software) is another of its many boons, which most notably includes the ability to opt for a phased rollout, implementation, and deployment of the solution across a large operation at the pace that is best suited for your capabilities and budget. Additionally, this approach allows for full functionality of the tracking solution from day one, giving you the opportunity to see the increased value of each additional tracked or enabled device you add to the platform.