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How It Works 

Modular Framework

Modular Engineering Provides Flexibility

The GSatMicro Series packs the value and functionality of hundreds of tools into a single, compact, and portable unit. The basic 3-button hardware interface on the GSatMicro makes it an intuitive device for rapid deployment out of the box, and the I/O ports and Bluetooth functionality allow for advanced usage with mobile devices, apps, and GSE's universal telematics platform: GSatTrack. This ability to expand the modular toolset for each and every GSatMicro device is what separates the GSatMicro’s data gathering and reporting capabilities from competing products, and this modularity is exactly what makes the GSatMicro series the ideal hardware choice for almost any remote data reporting operation.

Interface Options Promote Ease of Use

Whether a user chooses to deploy the micro with its basic configuration directly out of the box or to fully configure custom functionality with eLua scripts, I/O Port connections, or mobile device pairing, the GSatMicro facilitates the setup process for users with any level of technological savvy. Pairing the device with one’s smartphone via bluetooth allows a user to configure custom settings, send and receive messages, and manage connections directly from the user-friendly GSatMicro App. Users familiar with eLua can send script commands directly to the device to configure advanced features outside of the standard functionality. Managers can also configure the device settings over the air from anywhere in the world through the GSatTrack portal.

Connectivity Options Provide Open Integrations

The ability to connect with the GSatMicro device through Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) allows custom integrations with other hardware, sensors, software applications, and control devices. This lifts the restriction most tracking hardware suffers, as it allows the GSatMicro to become part of any organization’s hardware/software suite with minimal requirements for change to the equipment or software package, thereby drastically reducing the switching costs and increasing an organization’s flexibility with regard to improving its technological performance in phases, addressing the most important areas first.

Hardware Modules for Custom Micro Series Devices

The following modules can be part of any GSatMicro Series device, allowing you to customize the hardware components of each individual unit to accommodate the variety of needs your organization may have. The communication modules allow for different means of connecting with external devices, but please note that GSM units will add 4-6 weeks to the estimated delivery of your order.

Antenna Modules:

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Communication Modules:

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  • Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
  • GSM

Sensor Modules:

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