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In addition to being a wonderfully-sized self-contained package, the GSatMicro offers OEM options to more demanding environments and situations. While its current form is certainly the most popular among our clients worldwide, we also understand the fact that often the “core” of the GSatMicro is more useful as a component for powering a larger tracking solution with multiple facets, or when taken out of its current form factor in favor of a mountable, flat, or more inconspicuous shape.

Additionally, the outboard developmental value of the OEM product is the ability to satellite-enable devices that are otherwise “dumb” and connect them to the Internet of Things ecosystem. Many products and projects fail to launch because of the simple lack of telemetry data and remote access to device management, which the GSatMicro OEM can provide for almost any strategic initiative. Its size and flexibility, along with its multiple I/O ports make it the perfect way to bring satellite functionality to any device, vessel, or monitoring zone.

NASA Integrates the GSatMicro OEM into their LDSD project for Mars

This case study is an example of the GSatMicro OEM being used to power a mission-critical piece of technology for NASA, demonstrating its ability to perform under any circumstances, including sustaining the forces of rocket launches while meeting the reliability standards of the foremost space and science organization in the country.

NASA approached GSE to specifically design the GSatMicro with the intent of performing in an extremely high stress environment. NASA engaged GSE engineers to integrate the components of the GSatMicro OEM terminal into its FIRLo device, surviving temperatures around 650 °C, and submersion in water. The solution is a success and continues to be so… the unit is reporting accurately, letting NASA retrieve valuable information and cargo left over from the launches of the LDSD project.

Case Study

Open source Iridium platform meets the needs of the NASA LDSD project.

Instead of trying to build a GPS unit themselves or contract another commercial company, the GSatMicro OEM terminal offered NASA a solution they could customize to their unique needs. Working with our engineers NASA ruggedized the GSatMicro OEM terminal by repackaging the components of the unit so they could meet required compatibility checks. Coupled with our technology NASA was able to create a completely new piece of hardware called the Flight Imagery Recorder Locator (FIRLo).

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Flight Imagery Recorder Locator (FIRLo) and High-Temperature Radome

The general approach taken to ruggedize the electronics effort required a complete repackaging of the GSatMicro internal boards; the battery, antenna patch, enclosure, and associated harnessing were new additions that had to be reconfigured and required compatibility checks. Along with ruggedizing the device, the above changes led to a significant improvement in the RF performance, lower operational temperature limits, and operational life of the new GPS device referred to as the Flight Imagery Recorder Locator (FIRLo).

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GSatMicro OEM

An intelligent, Iridium-based platform for integrating into custom hardware to create satellite enabled solutions.

The GSatMicro OEM is an incredibly customizable device which combines telematics and onboard intelligence in a way no other satellite device has before. Starting with an engineering challenge to design the smallest possible satellite tracking device, the GSatMicro OEM not only delivers, it includes extremely advanced functionality in an astonishingly small package. The GSatMicro OEM allows the ability to satellite enable unique projects to solve or develop strategic missions. It performs as a completely customizable telemetry device with multiple I/O ports allowing the ability to tie in a host of sensors capable of truly understanding how things are behaving.

The GSatMicro OEM board clips directly onto the Iridium 9602 modem providing a platform for developers to integrate into their own projects. Every component of the GSatMicro OEM was designed to fit into a dense vertical stack, providing extremely advanced functionality in an astonishingly small package. It is capable of being fully integrated into a customized form factor designed to meet specialized demands of any project imaginable.

Core features + More!

  • Create Unique Terminals
  • Satellite Enable Any Project
  • Define Your Own Form Factors
  • Completely Integrable
  • Building Block For Endless Applications
  • Quick To Market
  • Built In Control & Functionality

Core features for all GSatMicro Series terminals

  • Intelligent
  • Programmable
  • Over-the-air Configuration
  • Extremely Small Size
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Multiple Sensors
  • Iridium Global Coverage
  • Reporting Flexibility