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LED Guide 

GSatMicro: LEDs

The LEDs of the GSatMicro allow you to determine the device's current behavior just by looking at it. The LED behaviors are a mix of solid, fading, and blinking lights that will tell you everything you need to know about what the device is doing.

LED Default Function
Green LED (Icon: Lightning) Power
Orange LED (Icon: GPS) GPS
Orange LED (Icon: Satellite) Iridium
Blue LED (Icon: Envelope) Messages
Red LED (Icon: !) Alert Mode

GSatMicro: LED Behaviors

Green LED (Icon: Lightning) Power LED
1-5 flashes 1: 0-19% battery
2: 20-39% battery
3: 40-59% battery
4: 60-79% battery
5: 80-100% battery

When charging between flashes LED will glow with diminished brightness. When not charging, LED is off between flashes.

When on external power and battery >=95% power LED will be solid on.

Fade up Powering up
Fade down Powering Down
Off Off
Orange LED (Icon: GPS) GPS
Fade up Powered, acquiring fix
1-4 flashes 1-4 GPS satellites
5 flashes >=5 GPS satellites
On GPS fix acquired
Off Off
Orange LED (Icon: Satellite) Iridium / Satellite
Fade up Radio on, no signal
1-5 flashes Iridium signal acquired, flash count corresponds to signal. More flashes, better signal
On Transmitted message
Off Off, or powered with no radio

Blue LED (Icon: Envelope) Messages
Medium flash 'Check-in' mode, cleared on successful transmit
Off Not 'Check-in' mode
Red LED (Icon: !) GPS
Fast flash 'Alert' mode, cleared on successful transmit
Off Not 'Alert' mode