Game-changing Remote Connectivity

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Capitalize on the Power of Solar-Satellite-Based Asset Tracking with GSatSolar

In today's fast-paced world, businesses and organizations rely heavily on efficient asset-tracking solutions to manage their operations effectively. Traditional tracking systems, however, often fall short when it comes to tracking assets...


VulPro: Saving White-backed African Vultures with GSatSolar

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Conservation Innovation with wings

In the vast skies of South Africa and across the African continent, the once plentiful vulture populations are facing a silent but significant threat to their existence. Habitat loss, poisoning, and illegal wildlife trade have pushed many vulture species to the brink of extinction...


Attachments are Expensive. GSatSolar is not.

Asset Mismanagement in Road Construction: The High Cost of Lost Attachments

In the road construction industry, managing attachments like milling heads, cold planers, compactors, and pavers is fraught with challenges, particularly when these costly components are frequently detached and left on worksites. The lack...