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GSatTrack How To Series: Account Setup Step 1 - Configuration

account setup 1
Scott walks us through the process of getting a new account set up and configured. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Visibility

visibility tools
In this excellent video for anyone with a lot of Assets, Places, Geofences, or other portal objects who want to quickly narrow their map display to only see certain things, Scott shows us how the Visibility Toggle works. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Jump Navigation

Jump Navigation
Jump Navigation allows users to quickly move between different objects in the Details Panel. Scott shows how the time-saving feature can help make changes to various assets with fewer clicks. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Details Panel

detail panel
Scott shows us the Details Panel, which is a great way to interact with Assets in the ecosystem through a number of more advanced features. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Understanding Visualization Information

In a longer than normal video, Scott explains the different visualizations, including Shared Views, available in the portal. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Creating KML Files to Import

This isn't GSatTrack itself, but Scott wants you to know how to make a KML file on another platform that will allow you to bring in all of the data you actually want to import to GSatTrack via the KML uploader. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Timed Check-ins

Scott shows us how to set up an Alert that will inform managers if lone workers don't check in at a pre-determined time. This is just one of a number of features in the portal that helps provide safety and peace of mind for lone workers on remote jobsites. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: User Menu

User Menu
In this short video, Scott shows us the user menu, which plays host to the preferences and the all-important Log Out button. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Search Bar

hts_search bar
Filtering is a powerful way for organizations with large numbers of Assets, Places, and other portal objects to quickly isolate the ones they are looking for. Search is a pointed, powerful tool that makes it even easier. ...

GSatTrack How to Series: Main Menu

HTS_Main Menu
In another video on the basics of the interface, Scott shows us the Main Menu, which allows users to toggle between the different functional modules in the portal. If you ever forget what one of the icons means, you can always expand this menu to see the name of it as well. ...