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In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. Encryption does not of itself prevent interception, but denies the message content to the interceptor.

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KB000705 - Is the connection between the terminals and the GSatTrack platform also encrypted if so what kind of encryption?

Multiband Antennas in association with GSE (Global Satellite Engineering) are excited to bring together two very smart satellite based technologies where size, weight and cutting-edge functionality are critical.

Introducing the Topolino Range of Iridium Helical Antennas, along with the world’s smallest, intelligent and scriptable Iridium-based terminal – GSatMicro OEM! The building blocks to satellite enable your unique small form factor and energy efficient solutions…

The Topolino Range of Iridium Helical Antennas – One tiny lightweight machined brass radiator with 4 space saving antenna designs. Based on a circularly polarised dipole each antenna displays excellent axial ratio at low angle elevations, making it ideal for LEO networks.


An Inside Look

Introduction to the GSatMicro Series

The GSatMicro Series is a suite of intelligent satellite terminals that provide behavior monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets around the globe. Regardless of your asset type, the GSatMicro Series provides satellite enabled solutions that can be applied across multiple industries. All terminals in the series provide a global communications channel with optional encryption for transmitting and receiving data on demand whether on land, in the air, or at sea.

GSatMicro FAQ

What network does the GSatMicro operate on?


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Learn more about our unique, adaptable communications platform to power your business


Discover what the GSatMicro Series is and how you can use the OEM to create your own fully integrated satellite terminal.


M2M and IoT Communications Across Multiple Sectors

Particularly effective for use in public sectors, the GSatMicro Series of products find homes across the field in Public, Private, Commercial, and Research capacities. Each distinct industry presents a number of opportunities to augment efficiency, enable remote projects previously thought to be impossible, or collect and utilize telemetric data to improve processes.

OEM Options

Satellite Enable Your Project

In addition to being a wonderfully-sized self-contained package, the GSatMicro offers OEM options to more demanding environments and situations. While its current form is certainly the most popular among our clients worldwide, we also understand the fact that often the “core” of the GSatMicro is more useful as a component for powering a larger tracking solution with multiple facets, or when taken out of its current form factor in favor of a mountable, flat, or more inconspicuous shape.

Anatomy 101

Small & Powerful

The GSatMicro is the smallest, self-contained, Iridium tracker in the world.

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The GSatMicro Series

Introducing The GSatMicro Series

A suite of intelligent, satellite enabled terminals that provide a vast set of features to help you quickly and effectively satellite enable your projects