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Machine to Machine (M2M) refers to technologies that allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same type. M2M is a broad term as it does not pinpoint specific wireless or wired networking, information and communications technology. This broad term is particularly used by business executives. M2M is considered an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and brings several benefits to industry and business in general as it has a wide range of applications such as industrial automation, logistics, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, health, defense etc. mostly for monitoring but also for control purposes.

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Multiband Antennas in association with GSE (Global Satellite Engineering) are excited to bring together two very smart satellite based technologies where size, weight and cutting-edge functionality are critical.

Introducing the Topolino Range of Iridium Helical Antennas, along with the world’s smallest, intelligent and scriptable Iridium-based terminal – GSatMicro OEM! The building blocks to satellite enable your unique small form factor and energy efficient solutions…

The Topolino Range of Iridium Helical Antennas – One tiny lightweight machined brass radiator with 4 space saving antenna designs. Based on a circularly polarised dipole each antenna displays excellent axial ratio at low angle elevations, making it ideal for LEO networks.


Discover the latest technology in the satcom industry

Discover the latest technology in the satcom industry
Rapid technological advancements have swelled into a tsunami of change resulting in great shifts within the overall IoT, M2M, and satellite-related industries. Business models and operations are undergoing fast changes, while increasingly revolutionary solutions are becoming available. One cannot help to think about potential opportunities that were previously unattainable as well as nascent possibilities that still escape one’s...

GSatMicro Iridium Terminal - More than just a tracking device

GSatMicro Iridium Terminal - More than just a tracking device
There are quite a few satellite terminals in the market that enable all of the standard features that one would expect from a tracking device. Over the years, engineers of Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) have listened to challenges presented by customers and have analyzed the corresponding technology shortcomings. GSE’s GSatMicro series was developed to fill these voids in the market and exceed industry standards in the following...


Integrate. Enhance. Launch.

Satellite enable your project, Enhance your current business, or Create your own satellite terminal.

Case Studies

Real-world Applications

The GSatMicro Series has been utilized across all industries requiring a satellite enabled solution. We collaborate directly with our clients to fully integrate the GSatMicro Series into their projects, allowing them to solve a problem or launch a terminal quickly to market. The GSatMicro Series of terminals are adaptable and bring powerful features to the M2M and IoT markets.


M2M and IoT Communications Across Multiple Sectors

Particularly effective for use in public sectors, the GSatMicro Series of products find homes across the field in Public, Private, Commercial, and Research capacities. Each distinct industry presents a number of opportunities to augment efficiency, enable remote projects previously thought to be impossible, or collect and utilize telemetric data to improve processes.

The Behavior of Things

What can eLua do for you

eLua brings the tools and capabilities of a scripting language to your applications anywhere on the planet! The transmission behaviors and formats are all driven by scripts that are easily modified to fit your application. As scripting languages have already taken over the Internet, we are bringing scripting to global IoT.

Anatomy 101

Small & Powerful

The GSatMicro is the smallest, self-contained, Iridium tracker in the world.

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An Inside Look: GSatMicro - What's in the box?

An Inside Look: GSatMicro
So you’ve recently purchased or may have been handed this unit for testing and are now wondering about the very small and mighty GSatMicro. What is the first thing you notice once you’ve pulled that elegant black cover off the black box it neatly came in? At first glance it is the small size, but how about what it promises to deliver? You will be surprised how easy it is to handle this personal tracker since you can basically stow it in any...

What is the difference between AIS and a satellite tracking device?

What is the difference between AIS and a satellite tracking device?
Why would I pay for a satellite tracking service when AIS can do it for free? A quick warm up to AIS and comparative notes below. There are specific technologies that are built for specific purposes and they are GREAT at providing the intended service for the intended solution. AIS is a good global generalized picture of assets in the loosest terms possible because it’s not what it was built for. We will get into details how/why/what below....