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Enhanced Asset Tracking with GSatTrack Mobile App

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In the ever-evolving landscape of asset tracking and management, GSatTrack stands as a beacon of innovation and versatility. GSatTrack is not merely a tracking solution; it's a complete telematics powerhouse. GSatTrack offers a universal, hardware-and network-agnostic, cloud-based data visualization and management platform that empowers managers to track, command, and control assets in near-real-time.

What Sets GSatTrack Apart

Hardware Agnosticism: GSatTrack's versatility shines through its ability to seamlessly integrate hardware from various manufacturers. This means you can mix and match devices from leading manufacturers across Satellite and Cellular networks, including Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, and Thuraya. It liberates you from the constraints of manufacturer limitations.

Advanced Software API Tools: For those with unique tracking needs, GSatTrack provides advanced software API tools that facilitate quick and easy device integration. If the manufacturer allows it, GSatTrack can accommodate the device's custom requirements.

Vast Hardware Integration: GSatTrack already boasts an extensive list of integrated hardware, offering customers an array of choices to develop applications tailored to their specific needs. Explore the options using the Device Lookup tool on GSatTrack's website: Device Lookup.

Introducing the GSatTrack Mobile App: Empower Your Smartphone

To expand the strategic applications of asset tracking, GSE created the GSatTrack Mobile App, available for both iOS and Android devices. This ingenious app transforms any mobile device into a tracking tool, enabling the seamless transmission of location and behavior data to the main GSatTrack portal. It's a cost-effective and rapid way to deploy nodes in your data ecosystem without additional hardware investments.

Key Benefits of the GSatTrack Mobile App:

Location and Data Tracking: The app can gather and transmit a wide range of data types from your mobile device, including GPS location, motion activity, vital statistics, and even information from other apps, such as social media.

Messaging Interface: The app provides a full messaging interface for two-way communication with the portal administrator and other two-way messaging-enabled devices.

Check-Ins: In addition to messaging, the app allows manual check-ins for specific events, wellness checks, or location alerts.

Integrations: GSatTrack Mobile can integrate with other applications to collect and transmit various types of data. For instance, it can gather vital statistics from sensors or wearables and access data from a vehicle's onboard diagnostic reader using third-party tools.

The Latest Enhancement: Mobile App Location Sharing

GSE is committed to enhancing the GSatTrack experience continually. The recent addition to the GSatTrack Mobile App introduces a game-changing feature: Mobile App Location Sharing. This feature enables you to include smartphones in asset groups alongside other tracking devices.

By enabling Location Sharing for specific asset groups, assets within those groups can see each other's locations within the mobile app. You also have the flexibility to exclude individual assets from having their locations shared within the group, giving you precise control over data visibility.

Once activated, users can view the most recent location of all assets within their enabled group(s) on the Status map screen within the mobile app. You can tap on individual assets for location details and access options for navigation and messaging, provided chat permissions are enabled.

How to Get Started:

To take advantage of the new Mobile App Location Sharing feature, ensure you have the latest version of the GSatTrack Mobile App. Reach out to your GSE account manager, or you can reach out to me, What a great way to demo GSatTrack for a truly FREE experience by using your existing Smartphone to explore the versatility and ease of use first hand.

With GSatTrack and its versatile Mobile App, asset tracking is no longer a challenge but a strategic advantage. Whether you're an experienced GSatTrack user or new to the platform, explore the latest enhancements and unleash the full potential of your tracking capabilities.

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