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MCG-101: Familiar Technology for Emergencies


I recently bought a $2300 Desktop PC. I know; crazy, right? In 2020, the only people still using desktop computers are young gaming geeks trying to save money, or Neo-types trying to get into the cryptocurrency-blockchain market. Personally, I’m neither of those things. In fact, my coworkers actually call me the Hulk at the office, because I break everything I touch; so why the desktop computer?

The answer is simple: I know what it does and more importantly I am familiar with it.

See, when I was growing up in the age of Nintendo and Commodore-64 desktops, our game systems would break a lot. Later, our P1 desktops would run out of memory (remember 1GB harddrives?); and when you’re a young teen or even college student with a mohawk, the only thing you can do is become familiar with what works. Once you learned what all the PCI slots and whirring fans accomplished, your familiarity made it easy to fix things that broke or even upgrade without having to be an engineer.

MCG-101: Familiar Experience, Ease of Use

So how does this relate to the MCG-101? Chances are unless you’ve been working in emergency services, train operation, or maybe maritime services, you’re not really familiar with many satellite communication products. You may have heard that they are big, bulky, phones that require satellite dishes to operate, or that you have to be a technician to understand how to set them up. For some devices this is true. You may have also heard that most satellite products typically require you to stand outside. Depending on the circumstances this can be more than just inconvenient, but incredibly dangerous.

The MCG-101 is a satellite product you don’t have to be afraid to use. Setting up an MCG-101 uses skills you are likely very familiar with, like plugging in a power plug, finding wifi on your cell phone, and loading an app. You can even easily connect an antenna and stay in doors to use it. Those are things almost all of us are comfortable with, just like I am with my desktop computer.

Familiar technology; ease of use. All of these reasons illustrate why the MCG-101 is the right satellite product for your emergency preparedness needs. It’s easy to set up, and the best part is it uses technology we are all familiar with without having to be an engineer.

  • You can connect to the MCG-101 unit with your cell phone so you don’t have to understand or learn how to use a new phone.
  • You can connect the MCG-101 to your computer to send email or SMS messages.
  • It offers clear voice connectivity and can allow multiple users to be connected at the same time.
  • At just 2 pounds it is the perfect size for your home emergency kit and rugged enough for use in the field by emergency services.
  • It also supports tracking, so if you do need to move the unit to your car while traveling, others can see your whereabouts and react accordingly.
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